New Partnership with Solibad!

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“We are very happy at Solibad, to be able to help ROWAN. For a long
time, we were thinking of helping a project in Africa which is both well
run and sustainable. We do know that the money that we collect and send
to ROWAN will be well used and we are really pleased that ROWAN has
accepted our sponsorship. We do hope that we will be a regular partner
in other projects as well and that our relationship will build up even
stronger in the future”.

Raphaël Sachetat
President – founder
Président – fondateur

Solibad is an organization based out of France that has recently joined us as a ROWAN partner! A BIG THANK YOU goes out to them for their donation of 15 secondary student scholarships! We are halfway to raising enough for all 30 to receive educational scholarships! Read more about Solibad here:
The philosophy of Solibad is to bring together the badminton community to collect funds in order to help projects involving children in different parts of the planet. We are keen on helping small scale projects initiated by locals, or by ourselves. We take action seriously but with humility and without being condescending, by using the time and resources donated by individuals or groups willing to join our cause. We ask everyone to put their skills, enthusiasm, financial help and/or his time for the causes and projects that we support.

Big plans for future projects with Solibad!!

Encouraged by Solibad’s donation to education?
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2 Replies to “New Partnership with Solibad!”

  1. We are a small NGO, however try to help orphans and widows in rural community’s.
    We need desperately honest partners to help with our projects.
    Thank you
    God bless you
    Eveline Nisley Founder of JHF

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