Happy Mothers Day Uganda!

May 12th is Mothers Day in Uganda, a day for being thankful & showing appreciation to an important person in everyone’s life, their mother. We’d like to take this opportunity to say happy mothers day to all the mothers of Uganda (& beyond).
Two smiling women holding their children

Happy Ugandan Mothers Day 2019!

What it Means to Us

Obviously this is an important day for us here at ROWAN, as we are focused specifically on women (often mothers) & children. For us this is a day of thankfulness & celebration. Thanks for the people who gave birth to & raised us to be who we are today. Celebration over having them in our lives or (for those who aren’t so lucky) celebrating the lives they lived & the fact that they brought us into the world.

Give Her a Hug

Wherever you are, today is a great day to give your mom a quick hug & show some appreciation for all the things she’s done for you.

Help a Mother Today!

Feeling charitable? Why not get involved by donating a few dollars to a mother in need?

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