Uganda’s Mgahinga Gorilla National Park

ROWAN is located in the equatorial country of Uganda & we enjoy sharing facts about the country with our readers. This is an immensely diverse country with plenty of irrigation water & an amazing variety of life. Mgahinga Gorilla National Park is home to a nomadic tribe of endangered mountain gorillas, kept company by an array of diverse mammal & bird species.

Brown chameleon on a branch

Cameleon in Mgahinga National Park

So Much Nature

Mgahinga is Uganda‚Äôs smallest national park, at only 21 sq. miles in size (part of the larger Virunga Conservation Area). However, it makes up for size in it’s sheer diversity of life. As it’s name suggests, it was created as a haven for mountain gorillas, but these gentle giants seem happy to share their space. The endangered golden monkey also calls this park home, along with hundreds of other bird & mammal species. Mgahinga sits well above sea level, at between 7,000 & 13,500 ft in the clouds.

Hut & fields at the base of the hills

Village on the edge of Mgahinga National Park

Local Lore

The park is named for the gahinga, a local word for volcanic rocks cleared from farmland & piled at the base of the volcanoes. The park also has cultural significance to the Batwa pygmies, an ancient tribe of indigenous people who are thought to be the area’s first inhabitants. This local group lives on the edges of the park in grass huts & hunt for substance. They too are endangered.

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