CA LOVE ROWAN Event raised over $6,000!

LOVE ROWAN Event July 11, 2010
Acton, California
With live music, food, handcrafted jewelery from ROWAN women and children, and celebration, supporters came together to hear about the happenings of ROWAN since January 2010. In a short 6 month period ROWAN had accomplished 10 major goals of the year!
1. Bought new land in Mawanga
2. Music, Drama and Dance Ministry began
3. Scholarships to 3 of the 5 secondary students
4. Partnership with Samaritan’s Purse
5. Refurbished home of 5 of our orphans
6. Healthcare education
7. Website completed
8. Singapore launch event
9. Water research began for village
10. Kelsey moving to Uganda!
By the end of the night ROWAN raised over US $ 6,000-most of which will go toward digging a well in the village! Bringing clean water into this community will not only affect the health of our orphans and widows, but will impact the lives of every member of the region!
Click here for Photos of Event and stay tuned for the next LOVE ROWAN event!

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