It Starts with One.

In Uganda alone over 1,400,000 people are living with AIDS and 1,000,000 children orphaned as a result of AIDS. ROWAN serves over 200 people living with HIV/AIDS that before had no hope for assistance. Government funding does not reach the rural areas we work in, thus each person must travel 2 hours one way to possibly get the medication they absolutely need to survive. Besides serving 200 + living with HIV, ROWAN spends a majority of the year hosting HIV trainings, bi-annual testing of white blood cells and sensitizing the community towards healthy living. ROWAN hosts free HIV testing throughout the year for anyone and everyone to attend.
In order for us to “Get to Zero” infections, discrimination and AIDS related deaths, we must stop for the one. ROWAN leaders sit in the homes of every person infected or affected by HIV/AIDS in the region and does something powerful: They listen to their stories. They cry with them. They educate them. And finally they empower them to a hopeful future. Statistics are overwhelming and distant. ROWAN serves people with families and futures.
A way to support “Getting to Zero” is sponsoring one. One life will change the statistics. One life will make the difference.
ROWAN challenges you to with our campaign “It starts with One.”
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Sources: UNAIDS

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