How Revive Fit Studio Is Changing the World!

Revive Fit Studio approaches fitness holistically by addressing the body, mind, AND spirit of every participant. Not only do they invest deeply in those attending their classes, Revive is also very involved in expanding ROWAN’s ministry to orphans and widows in Uganda!

Founder Megan Prentice visited the village—and returned home with a dream and the passion to make it happen.

She recalls, “Seeing a Ugandan widow come running up to Kelsey and me in tears with the land title in her hand—a long-sought-after process and her lifelong dream to own her own land—makes anything and everything about our efforts ‘worth it.'” 
With 20% of Revive’s proceeds going to ROWAN, Megan joyfully uses her business both to care for her community here and to empower her friends in Uganda to live better lives.
Megan admits, “Starting an American mission-based fitness studio has been anything but easy … but I wouldn’t change a thing. Seeing what Pastor Paul and Kelsey are doing to restore the people of Uganda—the vision is contagious. The sustainability is what lights a fire in my soul as they emphasize entrepreneurship, education, and savings groups. Imagine a world where every single business gave back to the community so that no one was in lack or need!
“My desire is to grow enough that our 20% giveback makes ROWAN Ugandans so successful and that they learn so many sustainable skills that ROWAN goes “out of business.” Imagine a world like that! Imagine a world where we all knew the love of Jesus and lived it out, where we helped a brother and sister in need, no matter where they lived or their background, and where we taught each other the skills we needed to live well…

“I call that heaven on earth, and I do think it’s possible.”

Interested in working out with Megan at Revive Fit Studio? Learn more about Revive by visiting their website!

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