How is your Ugandan goat?

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Goats are Giving Birth!

I just got off the phone with Pastor Paul asking the biggest question, “How are the 250 goats?” Pastor explained that they are all doing very well. Some recently gave birth and pictures are on their way to us! Last week we had a vet come and visit all the goats to give us a full report. Once he sends that to us, we will move forward with the proper medical shots needed. The vet will come in one week’s time to train all the beneficiaries about the types of grass to plant and grow, as well as the types of shelters needed prior to the rainy season beginning in April. So together we are organizing a full day of training, food and fellowship around our goats!
If you would like to contribute to the seeds we will buy for the grass, as well as the helping pay for costs of the shelters for those who can’t pay themselves yet, please consider donating to Micro Enterprise this month. All donations will go directly to our goat program!
Donate Toward Goat Project

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