How antlers can change lives.

ROWAN’s Antlers for Orphans is taking off! People from all over the nation are joining together to collect antler donations for ROWAN. Our dream is to open a chapter in every state where there are antlers and make this a huge success.
Friends from Wyoming to Mississippi to Oregon to Ohio have stepped up to create chapters in their home state. Their job? To collect antlers and promote to local media, church connections, companies, and even outdoor TV and magazines! There is nothing like this out there: combining shed hunting and the outdoors for an amazing cause.
Antlers for Orphans has an antler buyer who will give 100% profit back to ROWAN. All proceeds go to further the education, medical care, spiritual nourishment and urgent needs of our orphans. When all is said and done, the goal is self-reliance. We have already seen students graduate and find jobs to sustain their livelihood- that is our dream!
If you have a passion for the outdoors and a passion to help our orphans, email us today! For this campaign, we don’t need your money, we need your antlers!

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