Growth through Savings

Mukama Yemubezi Saving group

Mukama Yemubezi (2)
Founded in the Nakafunvu village in the Naitandu zone, this savings group was established in 2013. They started with a membership of 30 participants and saving anywhere from 1,000-5,000 Uganda shillings. Since their beginning over three years ago, this savings group has gone from accumulating 4 million to doubling that number to 8 million Uganda shillings in less than two years.
Mukama Yemubezi (1)
One of the members, Masiga Christopher, opened up a hardware shop in Naitandu village and is enjoying the profits since he has no competitor. Another profitable outcome of this was that many of the members were able to save enough to build their own houses. This year the savings group has a goal of saving 14 million Uganda shillings!
Mukama Yemubezi (4)

“Save money, and money will save you.” ~Jamaican proverb

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