Friendship Day: Celebrating the Smiles

Today, people all across the world are celebrating the significance of friendship!

Instead of just talking about it, we want you to see for yourself! We hope you enjoy these snapshots of the deep joy, resilience, and hope found in friendship and in the fabric of fellowship in Uganda.

Thank you for taking a moment to rejoice with us over these friendships. We challenge you to tell a few of your friends how they’ve changed your life today!
Friendship is a centerpiece of ROWAN’s work. We love to connect with Ugandans who suffer with or who have been affected by HIV/AIDS and help them in any way possible. In doing so, we’ve had the joy of building many sweet friendships with the people we help. Our hearts are with them today! To learn more about ROWAN’s presence in Uganda, click here!
We also love to befriend our sponsors and hear stories of how our sponsors become friends with those they choose to help. If you have a story you’d like to share with ROWAN, please comment below or reach out to Kelsey at We’d love to feature your story!

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