For All of the Lovely Ladies Behind ROWAN

Happy International Women’s Day!

There are so many women who make ROWAN what it is – like our nurses, teachers, widows, students, midwives, AIDS advocates, and more…

but today, we want to honor YOU.

1. Talitha & Hadassah Lau

This sister duo owns a jewelry company in Singapore – Hadasity – and together, they leverage their profits for good to support five sponsees: Fatuma, Specioza, Ajuma, Janet, and Shanita.

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2. Lindsey Bannon

Lindsey is a nurse who enjoys serving on ROWAN’s board alongside her husband, Sean. They have a big family and a powerful international impact behind the scenes! Read more about the Bannons here. Their sponsees include Jonathan, Tapenesi, Sylivia, Mathew, Franco, Denis Sanyu, and Denis Menya.

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3. Cynde Carr

Cynde and her husband Chris partner with ROWAN to sponsor six vulnerable Ugandans: Prossy, Emmanuel, Janet, Kekulina, Ivan, and Harman. Our co-founder, Kelsey, enjoyed getting to know both Cynde and Chris on a trip to Uganda back in 2008!

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4. Heather Gamberg

Heather is also an entrepreneur – she started a nonprofit, Christian counseling center on her ranch. On top of helping many people locally, Heather and her husband, Tony, proudly sponsor both Janaina and Ibrahim, pictured below. 

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Rose is Kelsey’s sister-in-law and, together with her husband Ricky, she proudly sponsors Eunice, Ruth, and Caleb. When asked to describe Rose, the first thing that comes to Kelsey’s mind is “crazy generous.”

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Together with their families, the five women listed above sponsor 23 orphans and widows! Because of many generous sponsors in the ROWAN network, we currently have 190 orphans and widows sponsored. Can you help us find 10 more big-hearted friends to help us get to 200?!

Follow this link to learn more about sponsorship or share with others!

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