Finding Favor: the Ripple Effect

God is capable of so much more than we can ever ask or think. He goes ahead and paves the way and is constantly working behind the scenes in our lives.

We see this on a consistent basis through answered prayers for ROWAN. Today I want to share one way that our loving heavenly Father is working on our behalf in Mawanga.
Many of you have traveled to other countries where freedom of speech and expression are not necessarily a guarantee. At times political leaders, government officials and local law enforcement can be corrupt. Often that can translate into bribes being an accepted form of negotiation, or sometimes something as severe as false imprisonment or physical harm due to disagreement.
pastor paul with goat
Pastor Paul carries a great responsibility in his roles of leadership in the community, church and as the founder of ROWAN. In the past he has been subjected to persecution because others considered him at fault for circumstances outside his control. So, we have been praying that he will find favor. Favor in the eyes of God and favor from local officials so that we can continue to serve the orphans and widows in Mawanga and surrounding villages. We believe that God can and will bless this ministry and make it fruitful because of our faithfulness.
I mention all of this to preface what I am about to share with you. I am in awe at how God works in and through various situations to bring glory to Himself. And this…it just amazes me and challenges my finite thinking.
In December we held our annual Christmas party for ROWAN members and their families and we had close to a thousand people in attendance. Because of generous donations and God’s provision, we were able to give over 200 goats as gifts to our widows, orphans and staff members. That kind of gift is a big deal in Uganda, and word got out what was happening in Mawanga. Some people just had to come and see for themselves. And one of those individuals was the speaker of the house of parliament for the Republic of Uganda.
Now, you have to understand, Mawanga is not a thriving metropolis, but rather a small village in a very rural area in Eastern Uganda. Having a member of national government visit a place like this is huge. And the local law enforcers recognized this as fact. They were so grateful to have this honor that many of them reached out and personally thanked Pastor Paul. Not only did they express their gratitude, but they offered to be available if he ever needs anything for ROWAN. No bribes needed, no underhanded business, just God working in mighty ways to bring favor on us. Because He loves His own and always provides, protects and prepares a path for His children.

For the LORD God is a sun and shield;
the LORD bestows favor and honor.
No good thing does he withhold
from those who walk uprightly.
~ Psalm 84:11

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