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Today I want to share about Revive Fit Studio — ROWAN’s newest business partner!

I interviewed Megan, one of the co-founders and owners of this barre studio to get a better idea of who they are, what they stand for and how they are striving to impact lives through business.
1) What was the inspiration behind starting this business?

The first — as I did more and more research about starting a fitness business with a mission, I found that Colorado is one of the healthiest States, (but it was also) ranked 48th in the nation (for) mental wellness, with some of the highest suicide rates. If people are healthy physically, but suffering mentally, there’s a tremendous problem, there. The only offering that can help with wellness of mind, body, AND spirit is Jesus.
Secondly, I felt called to a business that was geared mostly toward women (though all are welcome). Jesus always comes first, but I also don’t feel entirely healthy when I compromise my workouts. Jesus can meet us in the midst of our workout! As a busy-body, I discovered this truth — that I cannot be the ONLY woman out there that feels like I am competing for time with Jesus, friends and working out. Thus, Revive Fit Studio was birthed.
Lastly, and probably the one that hits closest to home for me is that business CAN make a GIGANTIC impact on society and the world. The Lord showed me (while visiting a savings group at ROWAN in Uganda) that business…makes the biggest difference to leverage people OUT of poverty. If we want to make a difference for our brothers and sisters around the world, it takes time, sustainable investment, and business solutions!

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2) What is barre and why dance fitness?

Barre is a strengthening fitness that stems from ballet, but you absolutely DO NOT need to have any sort of dance background to take the class. In a barre class, you can expect small weights (2 lbs, 3 lbs, 5 lbs…) and a lot of repetition and short/isolated movements.
We chose dance fitness because I LOVE to dance! Right along with my passion for dance comes my natural tendency to praise the Lord while dancing! The last reason is purely fitness-related. Dance fitness is a great compliment to barre…you get the muscle confusion through the cardio and toning of both workouts.
We recently added our “Breathe, Stretch, Pray” class, which is a phenomenal alternative to yoga. You get the same benefits of the strengthening poses, as well as 15 minutes of prayerful stretching and 15 minutes of your own time on your mat with the Lord. It’s truly a unique experience.

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3) How do you hope to see Revive Fit Studio impact your community?

Revive Fit Studio’s vision is to bring Heaven to Earth…no small feat, but we dream big dreams because we know we have a BIG God. We pray bold prayers because He listens and answers. We want to see suicide rates reduced in Colorado, real friendships created and maintained, encouragement in our fitness and life goals, strengthened families at home, poverty reduced and so much prayer!

4) What has been your biggest struggle in this journey?

Getting the word out! I have always been an entrepreneur at heart. I’ve also heard how difficult it is to start a business. Yet, this is different. It’s much, MUCH harder than I thought. I truly believe and KNOW with all my heart that God has led us to this very place on this journey. I have been following his “stepping stones” that He lays before me every step of the way. Though, I know, too, that we have to be willing to step out and step forward. Now, we just need some ladies to take a leap of faith and try us out! If you are out there and any part of this mission tugs at your heart, please…take a leap of faith like we did and try a class! Every woman that has does not regret it. They say it’s not only a great workout, but also very therapeutic.

5) What has been your greatest victory?

There are too many to share! God’s hand is all over this business! His timing has been perfect. Kati, my business partner is one of the greatest victories of Revive Fit Studio. She grew up a professional dancer and also is a Biblical Studies major. She not only has the wisdom and knowledge to help run this business, but she also has the PASSION. I would not be able to do any of this without her.
I was praying and begging God for a business partner who would be a perfect compliment to my skills and someone with a dance background. Literally 30 seconds after praying this intentional prayer, Kati texted me about meeting her for coffee. Let’s just say that…turned into a business partnership one month later.

6) How does Revive Fit Studio partner with ROWAN and what does that look like?

One of my favorite stories about Revive Fit Studio is how our model was created. A large part of the reason I went into business in the first place was to help alleviate and end poverty in developing countries. Last summer, I went on a missions trip with ROWAN. While in the Brussels airport for our layover, I was separated from our team and began to chat with a woman (Beverly) from Florida in the security line.
Kelsey at ROWAN had also exchanged contact info with Beverly…and had been invited to a meeting in downtown Denver at her brother’s office. At this meeting Beverly’s brother, Stan, started talking about sustainable business solutions with a 20% give-back model to nonprofit partners. This model is EXACTLY what I felt like God had been showing me on the ground during our trip to Uganda. It’s just that Stan had actually written it down and put numbers to it. Thus, the “Emergent” model that Stan created was birthed at Revive Fit Studio. 20% of all of our profits will go back to ROWAN to support orphans and widows in Uganda. It’s such a large part of my heart. Businesses really can make a huge impact on our world!


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