Day of the African Child 2011

While the big day is long past this year, we think these photos are cute enough to appreciate any day of the year. As part of our flashback theme, lets go all the way back to 2011 & see images of some of the happiest little faces on Day of the African Child 2011.

Three boys looking at the camera

Day of the African Child 2011.

Looking Back

It’s always fun to look back. Especially when we have have come so far since these photos were taken! Most of them aren’t children anymore, but we still celebrate them anyway. Here are some of the best shots from that day, enjoy!

A group of children & men standing around an open car door

A birds eye view of a group of children

Two small boys

A group of boys smiling at the camera

A larger group of boys posing for the camera

Teenager posing for the camera

A line of girls in colorful dresses

A line of boys

Boys playing drums & dancing

Portrait of a young boy

A line of children singing & clapping

A group of children

Four people standing speaking to a crowd of children

A group of people standing speaking to a crowd of children

Loving Uganda

That’s all we have for today, but check back for more pictures of this festive day soon. In the meantime, why not come to Uganda & take some amazing photos of your own?

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