Meet the Endangered Chimpanzee of Uganda

As ROWAN is in Uganda, we thought it would be useful for readers if we shared a bit more about our amazing country. This is an incredibly diverse land with a huge variety of animal & plant life to discover. One of Uganda’s favorite residents is the endangered common chimpanzee.
A male mountain gorilla close up

Uganda’s common chimpanzee.

Amazing Biodiversity

The density/ diversity of primates (13 species in total) in Kibale National Park is the highest in Africa. This park is home to roughly 1450 chimpanzees which is Uganda’s largest population of this threatened primate.
A male mountain gorilla walking through the forest

Uganda’s common chimpanzee.

Chimpanzee Facts

The common (or robust) chimpanzee can typically be found in the tropical forests & savannas of Western/ Central Africa. They live in groups ranging from 15 to 150 members, although they travel in smaller groups to forage during the day. Similar to mountain gorillas, the chimp society is male-domainated and follows a strict hierarchy.

Dangerous Numbers

The common chimpanzee on the IUCN Red List as an endangered species. It is estimated that roughly 170,000-300,000 remain across the forests & savannahs of West/ Central Africa. While chimpanzees are legally protected in most of their range, their biggest threats are habitat destruction, poaching & disease.

Learn More

To learn more about this lovely animal, get involved to help them or take a trip to Uganda visit the Uganda Wildlife Authority or the Uganda Wildlife Education Center.

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