Camp Update: Transformed by the Power of the Cross


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Hi folks , meet our fresh ROWAN young leaders (who recently returned from) the annual scripture union camp 2015 at Gayaza High school. We are proud of them because of the positive impact they will cause in the lives of several souls for Christ. Keep praying for them.
Mbuyaa Nyasaaye, ( Thank you God).
Sam, ROWAN staff member

Each year we choose different students to enjoy the experience of attending a Christian camp for two weeks. Many people have distinct memories of going to summer camp as a kid and remember the friendships that were formed, new skills acquired and decisions that were made. ROWAN sponsored these students to attend the youth conference in Gayaza organized by Scripture Union Uganda from November 3-8, 2015. They participated in several activities throughout the week including leadership training, outreach opportunities and the chance to build stronger friendships with fellow believers. Today I want to share some personal testimonies from the campers themselves. Thank you for supporting ROWAN and making this a reality for these young world-changers!

Things I was involved in at Gayaza camp were games, Bible study groups, cleaning the school campus and washing utensils. This helped so much to create friendships and show the love of Christ. I also learned that the blood of Jesus is a weapon to our enemies.
~ Sarah

The camp was full of fun, making friends, Bible study, meals, physical exercise, praise & worship and the transformer series. We were called upon to pray for our nation. During the Bible study series we studied in detail the meaning and power of the blood of Jesus and the power of the Word of God. We were called upon to be transformed and be used by God to transform our families, friends, communities…and generation.
– Jonathan

Gayaza was an entertaining and educative camp which made me grow both spiritually and emotionally. I was changed from a conformer to a transformer and I promise to further change my friends and the community at large.
~ Sylivia

When we went to Gayaza camp we learned a lot of things. One of them is the power in the blood of Jesus. They explained that in the early times when people sinned they were sacrificing a sheep as a personal sacrifice. But when Jesus died on the cross and poured the blood, His blood acted as a universal sacrifice for all human beings.
– Andrew

We had loads of fun. We always enjoyed special meals like breakfast and games like moving with a spoon in the mouth bearing an egg. However, spiritually I learned that I should put on the full armor of God and I learned that when Jesus shed the blood on the cross, He was receiving us in the kingdom of God. So with all that I was changed from a conformer to a transformer and I promise to further change my friends and the community.
~ Maureen

For the message of the cross is foolishness to those who are perishing, but to us who are being saved it is the power of God.
– 1 Corinthians 1:18

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