Business Training Update

Remember the business training module we had for villagers in Mawanga and surrounding communities? Believe it or not, that took place six months ago!

The model of educating used in this particular program was to:
– Launch
– Mentor
– Grow

And the purpose was to equip these individuals with necessary knowledge and skills to start and manage their own businesses.

This program has an 80% success rate, and the odds are in our favor. The training and launching has been done. But this past week afforded an opportunity for mentoring.

Those who had taken the module were gathered back together to review what they had learned and become aware of possible obstacles they still might face in this venture.
And I have to say, the method seemed both fun and effective. These entrepreneurs got to play the business board game of life. Of course this was new to all of them, having never seen such a thing. But I am happy to report that there was no lack of fun or laughter. We are seeing success and look forward to hearing of the growth of these new businesses.

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