Sponsorship and Sewing Machines

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This was a gift Esther never dreamed she would own. The simple act of sending this made a lasting impact. One of our sponsors gave Esther, a widow in our ministry, a sewing machine! She started shedding tears, she could not believe someone thought to give her something so special. She can use this to help build a business and be able to provide for her family by having a steady income.
Sponsorship is more than a monthly donation. It is more than provision for education, food and medicine. At ROWAN we strive to accomplish so much more through our sponsorship program. We want to connect people to each other, to encourage you to build a relationship with the orphan or widow that you sponsor.

There is a chance to correspond with the individual, to learn their greatest joys and deepest struggles — so much more than just their material needs.

The opportunity to travel and meet them to see firsthand where they live and how they are thriving is a very real possibility. I did it and it changed the way I think about sponsoring. We promote the idea of empowerment and value the partnership between sponsors to assist in that process. But we also want our sponsors to gain something from this interaction and to continue to grow through this relationship. One way that is becoming more accessible is through our online platform for sponsorship.
Want to know more about sponsorship and how YOU can be involved in impacting the life of a widow or orphan affected by HIV/AIDS? Read the most frequently asked questions about sponsoring here!
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