Antlers for Orphans Campaign

A wonderful campaign in Colorado called Antlers for Orphans is collecting antlers and selling them for donations! Learn more here:
This is its first year and so far, so good!
Despite all the beautiful snow in the last few months, we have been successful in gathering a great pile of antlers from ranches, individuals, and personal shed hunting! This is so exciting. After hours of calculating each antler, our total donations received so far is…(give or take a few bucks)
$ 585.00
But we are not done yet. Before we head out in July, we want to raise $10,000 more in antlers. Can you help us? Do you know a ranch that could help?
If you live in the mountain ranges- no matter what state you are in- Make it a family outing and do it together! We encourage you to join us as we continue to utilize natural resources to help HIV orphans go to school and receive their medication!
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