Album Release: The Reid Phifer Project gives 100% to ROWAN

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ROWAN has recently had the great blessing of having a worship album dedicated to us: our widows and orphans. Through the joy of praise and worship, women and children are empowered and our community is lifted up.
Reid Phifer is a worship leader and song writer who is originally from the great state of Arkansas. He currently lives in Lakewood, Ohio (a suburb of Cleveland) with his wife and two kids. There in Lakewood he serves as the Worship and Operations Pastor for Cross Point Church. Cross Point is a church that he helped to plant approximately 7 years ago. Back in 2011, Reid released a solo album recorded in Nashville, TN. titled “The Reid Phifer Project.” Reid and his wife Stacey had a unique approach in the recording, marketing, and sale of the album: First, Reid’s desire as a songwriter is simply to be faithful with the songs that God has given him. Second, 100% of the sales went to raise funds and awareness for a ministry that helped to rescue children from the sex trade industry.
Fast forward 3 years and Reid again found himself with enough original material to begin recording a full-length album. Reid and Stacey wanted to have the same approach to this new record and they began to pray about who this new album could be used to support. Reid says that “James 1:27 just kept coming to mind when praying over this project. It was pretty clear that God was telling me to use this to support Orphans and Widows. I wasn’t sure of a specific ministry but God made the focus he wanted me take very clear; Orphans and Widows.” That is when God allowed Reid and ROWAN’s paths to cross. Knowing Reid is an avid and passionate outdoorsman, one of his friends asked him if he had ever heard of Antlers For Orphans. He hadn’t but he began to check them out and the more he did, the more God began to stir his heart. That’s when he contacted us on Facebook and asked us if we could have a conversation about the operation of Antlers For Orphans. It was on that phone call with Kelsey and Thaddeus that Reid learned about ROWAN and their ministry to orphans and widows in Uganda. It was also on that phone call that he realized: “this is it. These are the folks God wants me to support with this album.”
Fast-forward another few months and Reid has just wrapped up the new album. Again he was blessed to record in Nashville at Big Matador Studios with producer and musician Curt Ryle. Like the first album, Reid again is recording under the name of The Reid Phifer Project. This new album has a title name of “Songs of the Redeemed.” Reid says that “my prayer for this album is that God would use it to bring His redemption into many people’s lives. Certainly this will be tangible for what it is going to do for the Orphans and Widows through ROWAN. Even more importantly, this album is so centered around the Gospel and an invitation to receive it.”
Consider supporting ROWAN and investing in hope by purchasing the “Songs of the Redeemed” for only $8.
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