Sylivia Sponsored!

Name: Sylivia Nankwanga (#43)
Gender: Female
Birth Date: 4/12/1999
Age: 14
Location: Kigulamo Village, Uganda (Iganga District on Map)
Education: Primary 6
Monthly Sponsorship: $38
Sweet Sylivia is one of those precious little girls who will run right up to you and hug you without reservation. And she won’t let go, either! Both of her parents died of AIDS and left her orphaned, so she lives with one of ROWAN’s caregivers. Sylivia is one of our original ROWAN members, and we are excited to continue to support her daily needs while developing her gifts and passions. She looks forward to coming to ROWAN’s Saturday program where she can see her friends and play. Her chores at home include fetching water and helping in the garden.

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2 Replies to “Sylivia Sponsored!”

  1. Thanks alot to choose Sylivia for a sponsorship.. Keep the spirit.
    I would also like to inquir,, there are very many families in the village with high HIV/AIDS prevalence and they dont access any kind of service related to HIV elimination or prevention.. How can these communities be helped out??
    Thank you very much.

    1. Hi Enock! Thanks for your response. We actually have zones of people living with HIV/AIDS that we assist regarding prevention and treatment. It can be an overwhelming feat, but God is with us- so who could be against us?

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