Amazzi – Water Is Life

When I first visited Mawanga in 2004, I discovered the importance of water and gained a huge appreciation for the luxury of the kitchen faucet that provided my family with clean drinking water whenever I need it back home in Canada.  So many families would have to walk miles to get to their well where they would collect their water and then carry it back home so they could use it for all their daily needs.   (more…)

Post Author: Kris Mbabazi

Rebecca’s Beads

It’s no secret that we absolutely adore beads here at ROWAN. Not only does the project teach members important business skills, but also allows for individual artistic expression. The past couple of weeks we have been sharing more about the folks that make these lovely beads. Each one of them has (sometimes a sad) story to tell. Today meet Rebecca, she is from the village of Mawanga.

Post Author: Kelsey

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