The First 10 Years

Friends of ROWAN,
Can you believe we’ve already been here for TEN YEARS?! We are overflowing with thankfulness, and we certainly could not have accomplished this much without all of your help, prayers, support, and generosity. While we eagerly anticipate the finished construction of the Hall of Hope (which will open just in time for Christmas 2018!), we want to take a moment to rejoice in what the Lord has ALREADY done.
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Government Update – What the Amendment Means to Ugandans

At 73 years old, Ugandan President Yoweri Museveni was only two years away from the constitutional age limit to serve as president. However, he just signed into law a new amendment, which abolishes the age limit, thereby allowing him to extend his presidency.

Since the beginning of his presidency, Uganda has seen many notable improvements. In addition to greater relative stability, his leadership has allowed for increased economic growth decreased HIV/AIDS, as much of his programming has prioritized education and prevention of the disease.
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