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ROWAN Superheroes Don't Wear Capes


Their strength comes from above.

They carry the hopes and dreams for their children. They fight against all odds to protect and provide for each child. When there is no one to fight on their behalf, they don’t give up. When they are weak with no one to care for them, they continue to care for others. When they feel like crying, they smile. When there is no money to provide food, they make sure their children eat something before they sleep.
Their strength is immeasurable. Their source of strength is not of this world. ROWAN is successful because of their determination and perseverance.
These Superheroes are the Mothers, and they are God’s angels here on earth.
The Mothers of ROWAN don’t know that there is a day on the calendar to honor them. But we do. And honor them we shall.

Here is what you can do!

Write an email to them, attaching a picture of you and your family or friends. Honor them and thank them for all they do for their family and community. Email it to
ROWAN will hand deliver these letters to them this Summer. We will honor them with your letters and a celebration just to honor them. Help us make that day a special one.
Contribute to the Mother’s Business Projects under Micro Enterprise

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The New Ambassador on the Block

Want to be an Ambassador? Contact Us
Cindy Gibbs is a beautiful worship singer/songwriter out of Los Angeles who not only has a heart to reach the world with her music, but reach the nations with the Gospel. Cindy Gibbs brings a dynamic worship experience, as she truly believes the Holy Spirit transforms lives in those moments.
We are blessed to honor Cindy as one of ROWAN’s ambassadors, by joining with Cindy in hopes to use her music to help build awareness of our efforts in Uganda. As a traveling musician, speaker, and missionary herself, Cindy’s music is found in churches and events around the country.
Cindy will highlight the love, ROWAN jewelry collection as well as challenge people to join our amaka program!
Tweet with Cindy

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Antlers for Orphans Campaign

A wonderful campaign in Colorado called Antlers for Orphans is collecting antlers and selling them for donations! Learn more here:
This is its first year and so far, so good!
Despite all the beautiful snow in the last few months, we have been successful in gathering a great pile of antlers from ranches, individuals, and personal shed hunting! This is so exciting. After hours of calculating each antler, our total donations received so far is…(give or take a few bucks)
$ 585.00
But we are not done yet. Before we head out in July, we want to raise $10,000 more in antlers. Can you help us? Do you know a ranch that could help?
If you live in the mountain ranges- no matter what state you are in- Make it a family outing and do it together! We encourage you to join us as we continue to utilize natural resources to help HIV orphans go to school and receive their medication!
Contact Us to Help

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