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LOVE ROWAN Singapore Launch June.2.2010 from ROWAN on Vimeo.

The Singapore Launch Event was buzzing with African beats and laced with inspiration and celebration. Bringing people together from the healthcare sector, churches, artists, entrepreneurs, ministry partners, colleagues and friends, co-founder Kelsey Young shared the story of ROWAN through video, images, and jewelry made by the women and children. Besides Kelsey’s inspirational testimony of ROWAN’s history and future, Pastor Daniel Kisa, born and raised in Uganda, testified about his eye witness account to the transformation taking place in Mawanga, Uganda. Daniel spoke of hope not as a means of giving a hand-out, but giving a hand up to empower the community. He said,
“I have heard many westerners say they are helping my people. And I nod my head and smile. But I will not believe until I see with my own eyes. What Kelsey says is happening in Mawanga is true, and by supporting ROWAN you are supporting the true definition of Hope.”
More than a one-time event, this night was a launch of something much greater: a symbolic door has opened for Singaporeans to start investing in the lives of women and children in Uganda. Several people said, “I want to go and see what is happening myself!”  The ROWAN team says: Come.  One woman walked up to Kelsey with tears in her eyes saying, “I have always had a heart for orphans and widows, and it is by no accident that I came here tonight. This was divine.”
The definition of Mawanga literally means a coming together of tribes and nations. It is no mistake that Kelsey made a long stop over in Singapore. Next, ROWAN is working on building a volunteer network in Singapore before Kelsey leaves for Uganda in August. If you are interested, contact us.
If you were unable to make the event, there will be one more launch event in August! More details to come.
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Post Author: Kelsey

Bringing Healthcare to the Hut

One major lesson ROWAN learned this past year is although schools and clinics may teach on issues such as AIDS, disease and general healthcare, these concepts do not translate into the individual home environment. There is a gap between knowledge and application.
This month ROWAN volunteers Christopher, John, Aidah and Sam took the time to visit every ROWAN member’s household to teach about sanitation and hygiene. Some people may ask, “Why not simply hold one healthcare seminar?” Although seminars are impactful, ROWAN wanted to make it personal. By visiting each home, our volunteer was able to sit in the kitchen and talk through how to purify water and sanitize food and plates. The volunteer went to the bathing area and taught on the importance of hygiene to the entire family. The families opened up and asked personal questions which may not have surfaced in a seminar setting. And the best part is, relationships are built and the love of Christ is exemplified through our servant leaders on the ground.
As you support the medical mission of ROWAN, you are supporting our volunteers who dedicate their lives to transforming the community one widow at a time…one orphan at a time…and soon…one community at a time!

Post Author: Kelsey

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