Bringing Healthcare to the Hut

One major lesson ROWAN learned this past year is although schools and clinics may teach on issues such as AIDS, disease and general healthcare, these concepts do not translate into the individual home environment. There is a gap between knowledge and application.
This month ROWAN volunteers Christopher, John, Aidah and Sam took the time to visit every ROWAN member’s household to teach about sanitation and hygiene. Some people may ask, “Why not simply hold one healthcare seminar?” Although seminars are impactful, ROWAN wanted to make it personal. By visiting each home, our volunteer was able to sit in the kitchen and talk through how to purify water and sanitize food and plates. The volunteer went to the bathing area and taught on the importance of hygiene to the entire family. The families opened up and asked personal questions which may not have surfaced in a seminar setting. And the best part is, relationships are built and the love of Christ is exemplified through our servant leaders on the ground.
As you support the medical mission of ROWAN, you are supporting our volunteers who dedicate their lives to transforming the community one widow at a time…one orphan at a time…and soon…one community at a time!

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