The Medical Clinic Update

Hello to all my Friends,
There is a great improvement in my life, surely God is steadfast, He was in control for the time I was badly off. It wasn’t the nails that kept Jesus on the Cross but His LOVE for you and me. Jesus loves us and thank you for loving me too.
The clinic is doing well, The total outpatients attendance is 150 patients on average. Different months vary in out patients attendance, for example July the attendance was 150 patients, August 217 patients, September 101 patients. The average number of admissions is 25 patients per month, however this also vary accordingly. The Nurses are willing to stay to help the community, God brought them in the right time.
We thank God that a few have been able to pay the little they can otherwise we could not be operating; the challenge is that we get inadequate supply of drugs which are not essential for the community.
Thanks for loving us.
May Joy and Peace of our Lord Jesus be with Barry, Andrew and all your family members. Amen.
your friend, Pastor Paul

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