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 As an organization, ROWAN is based on the value of personal relationships. We believe we are all neighbors, called to love one another—no matter how many miles, continents, or oceans separate us. As dozens of ROWAN volunteers have experienced, there is nothing more meaningful and rewarding than meeting the women, children, and community of Mawanga face to face. If you feel compelled to meet your neighbors and to bring hope from afar, please contact us. ROWAN would love to bring you on board.


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Current volunteer opportunities in Mawanga:

Ministry Team: June 29-July 15 2012

Vocational training, Sunday school training, Orphan camps, Widow seminars, Evangelistic Outreaches, Music/Drama/Dance

Medical Teams: June 29- July 15 2012 with Ministry Team

Are you a doctor, nurse, physician’s assistant, public health professional, dentist, or medical student? Mawanga’s private clinic, which consists of five local staff members and one dentist, could use assistance any time of year—from conducting medical seminars on HIV/AIDS awareness and prevention, counseling, to conducting check-ups and focus groups. Internships also are available for up to six months.

Work Teams: June 1- June 17 2012

Come build a ROWAN Main Hall on our new property in 2012! Or perhaps upgrade the ROWAN guest house for future volunteers! Everything from laying bricks- to painting – to gardening. These opportunities are available NOW.

Memoirs of Mzungus   or Travel Tales from Our Volunteers

As each of our volunteers knows, there is nothing so rewarding as experiencing ROWAN and the people it supports, first hand–traveling to the small, rural village of Mawanga, Uganda and meeting the orphans and widows. Click Here to read about their inspiring ROWAN stories.

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