ROWAN Registered in Uganda

From: Pastor Paul Nyende, Director of ROWAN/Uganda
To: Kelsey Young, President of ROWAN/USA
Hello, Daughter, my Sister and my Brother.
Praise God big. Hope all is well with you.
I am so excited to report to you that ROWAN is now a registered Company with the Republic of Uganda. Please join me and we rejoice together, God is good all the Time. I am even shedding teas of Joy. From my small sitting room to under a mango tree to being now registered with Uganda government and from Uganda to USA. From Pastor Paul and Kelsey Namugombe, to Pastor David and Sister Elaina and now to the whole world.
I am soooooooo Excited, let me stop now and have time to dance for the Lord.
Thanks for your prayers, the financial support and your encouraging emails, that have helped me to press on.
May the good Lord richly bless you all, Amen.
You have a reason to praise Him now.
Pastor Paul

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