Time to build a new home for Ibrahim!

This is Ibrahim, he has been the recipient of help and support through ROWAN.  He is one of 13 children whose grandparents took them in after their father died.  Five of his siblings are now grown but eight of them still live with their grandparents. 


Ibrahim’s grandfather with some of his grandchildren behind torn down house.


Ibrahim as a young boy helping with chores.

In addition to being in grade Senior Two, Ibrahim has taken on the responsibility of helping to support his younger siblings.  He weeds the cassava garden and has built a small hut near the house his father was in the midst of building when he passed away.  Ibrahim and some of his siblings live in the small hut he built but it takes a lot of work to maintain.  The grass needed for the thatching is hard to get and can leak when it rains.  During times of drought, the thatching is eaten by termites.  In addition to issues with the roof, Ibrahim and his siblings must also worry about the snakes that creep in during the night.  Despite these hard living conditions, Ibrahim’s faith remains strong and he carries gratitude in his heart. 

Ibrahim today, weeding the cassava garden.

Today, we have GREAT NEWS! With the help of his sponsor and other supporters, we are going to build his family a new house! Soon his grandfather and siblings will have a new, safe place to call home. We will post new photos of their house in a few weeks! 

Want to help donate to the next house building project? It only takes $3,300 to build a new house top to bottom! Donate today! 

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