Making a difference – one scoop at a time.

Little Man Ice Cream, in Denver, Colorado, is a company that acts on its belief that businesses should make a difference for good in their community and in the world at large.  They are true to their commitment to, “make a difference both at the local and global levels,” and they lead the way in supporting local non-profits in Colorado for a larger cause.  Little Man Ice Cream has a program called Scoop for Scoop that has helped feed people around the world.  Since 2008, the Scoop for Scoop program has allowed Little Man Ice Cream to help provide close to 1.5 million scoops worth of food staples to people throughout the world. 

ROWAN has been a grateful recipient of funding from Little Man Ice Cream’s Scoop for Scoop program since 2014.  In the past, we used this money to help fund our Saturday food program which provided meals for 130 children on Saturdays, as well as weekly bags of food for 100 families in our Ugandan community.  Starting in 2021, all the funding we receive from the Scoop for Scoop program will go toward our learning center goal of providing food to children who are home due to the COVID-19 pandemic.   

In using his father’s nickname as the business name, Paul Tamburello, the founder of Little Man Ice Cream, set the tone for a business run with heart and one that strives to truly make a difference for good.  We at ROWAN are incredibly grateful for Little Man Ice Cream and for the support the funding from their Scoop for Scoop program provides.  It is because of the support and funding from incredible businesses like Little Man Ice Cream, as well as each one of you, that ROWAN can move forward in our work.

If you ever find yourself in the Denver, Colorado area, make sure to stop by Little Man Ice Cream’s fun 28-foot tall cream can-shaped location at 2620 16th Street, and enjoy a delicious scoop, or two or three, of their homemade ice cream.

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