AMAKA Team from CCU!

Seven Colorado Christian University students have stepped up to put AMAKA on the map of people’s hearts. The team has a passion for joining our orphans, widows, local staff, and fellow AMAKA members to one another across borders, and they are determined to do just that!
Together the AMAKA team has created an AMAKA forum, where those who are committed to investing in ROWAN at $5 or more can talk directly to the people on the ground! ROWAN believes that this connection will not only encourage those in the rural villages, but it will erase the terms “donor” and “beneficiaries.” ROWAN believes everyone is an equal family member who can speak and invest into each others lives. Investments can be financial, emotional and spiritual. In the end, this team knows that there just may be more investments coming from the Ugandan community to the outside world in forms of love, friendship, faith, and HOPE.

Consider joining AMAKA (which means family) and begin to build new friendships across borders with those you are impacting! 

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