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ROWAN’s Sponsorship Journey

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It was about a year ago that I had a wise mentor suggest the concept of sponsorship for ROWAN’s growth. This friend used to work for World Vision for many years and currently consults hundreds of non profits. I was hesitant at first. I thought, “Everybody is doing it…we need to be cutting edge with something new!” However, he said, “Everybody is doing it, because it is working. You are already set up in a perfect way to offer this program, and it makes your ministry that much more personal.”
So I thought about it. Well, I did know all 151 of our women and children in ROWAN. We had all of their personal stories written down already. We had thousands of beautiful photos of them. I do have access for the members to write letters. We already have a Facebook group that is strictly for donors/supporters set up. Hmmmmm. So I thought I should see what the Founder, Pastor Paul thought. I gave him a call across the static of the international lines and instantly he said,

“Kelsey, we must do this. We are ready.”

Ok, that is swell but I am not an admin person. This task takes heavy admin skills I just didn’t enter this world with. Everybody who knows me or knows OF me knows…I couldn’t work within columns and rows. However, my mom is a genius with bookkeeping and she did just go to Uganda in 2013 and fall in love with the ministry. I gave her a call. She instantly said,

“Kelsey, Yes. I think you should do this and I can do all the accounting for it.”

So doors keep opening left and right. I informed my volunteer team of this idea, and after talking through the details they were ready to try it. Nothing left to do but to try, right? Taking risks for the Lord is the only way to take risks. So I posted a few photos and stories on facebook. Fast forward two weeks, we had 25 sponsorships signed up without costing a dime. As more friends and family signed up, I was astonished at the level of giving. I thought, “Why is this taking off so well?”
1. Preparation. We have laid such a strong foundation in Uganda and in USA that we were ready.
2. Personal touch. These kids and women have favorite colors to share. But their stories are so powerful they are touching people’s lives!
3. Power in Prayer. We have been on our knees praying for breakthrough for ROWAN for 12 years. Acceleration has come. And we don’t forget where we started…on our knees.

We are 41 Sponsorships away from EVERY woman and child being sponsored! We are starting that countdown now! What then?
We can invite more widows and orphans into our family to share the love of God. We can make sure every child goes to school and every women is empowered with skills. We are ready. We need you.
If you haven’t signed up to sponsor yet, today is the day. View the last 41 here and join our family of love.

Post Author: Kelsey

How does ROWAN celebrate Christmas?

Time to dance

Tomorrow we rejoice in the birth of our Lord and Savior. Let’s take moment to celebrate our many blessings. Through your support our widows and orphans received priceless gifts that will serve of great purpose to them. The annual ROWAN Christmas party was full of dancing, drama performances, eating meat and drinking soda. All to celebrate God’s gifts.

Time to give gifts

SAM_0987 copy
The primary children received mattresses and the older children received lanterns. For most of these children, this will be the first time having a mattress to sleep on. The widows were given dry food for the holiday season.

Time to encourage

This year we had a special visitor from the government. She is the right hand man to the president and is dear friends to pastor Paul and Edith. She was born and raised in our region and insisted on attending to see all that ROWAN is doing on the ground. We are so thankful to have a passionate advocate for us.
This year has been one of immense learning and growth. We are humbled by the great blessings we have received as an organization and take these few days to celebrate Him and all He has done for us these past 6 years!

Post Author: Kelsey

Scoop for Scoop



1 ice cream scoop = 1 scoop of rice!

We recently partnered with Little Man Ice Cream, a Denver based ice cream shop with a socially minded business strategy. Little Man is an ice cream shop with a lot of history, shown in its vintage style. They are dedicated to make a difference locally and globally. Through their “Scoop for Scoop” program they have donated funds to our weekly feeding program. This donation will sustain our kids throughout the entire year!
Scoop for Scoop is Little Man’s program where they have committed themselves to donating a scoop of rice for every scoop of ice cream they sell. This rice goes to villages in developing countries where hunger is rampant.
Go get some delicious ice cream, shakes, sundaes and more and Contribute to the feeding program today!

Post Author: Kelsey

Looking to make your holiday purchases impactful this season?



Do you want peace of mind that your holiday spending is making a difference in the world? Check out The Journey Unexpected, a home decor store started by our friends at Sarah and Brad Photography. Best of all, for the whole month of December, they are donating 15% of their proceeds to ROWAN! Shop their beautiful home decor prints and support a good cause. Order before the 31st to give back to the widows and orphans!

Post Author: Kelsey

Guess what our ladies are making now?

Pajama shorts!

We have always known our ladies are gifted in many diverse talents. This talent is displayed in their latest endeavor of sewing pajama shorts, all starting with a partnership with Ndoto. Ndoto is a socially minded organization that believes in fair wages and prices for the women in the co-ops they form and train in Uganda. After connecting through Instagram, the founder of Ndoto traveled to Mawanga to train our women on how to sew the pajama shorts, using sewing machines we recently had donated by Tools With a Mission. Using their new sewing machines a group of our ladies were able to get started right away. This new partnership has allowed women in our program to support their families and reach their goals, creating sustainability. Support this work and get your pair of PJ shorts today!
Contribute to Micro Enterprise Today

Post Author: Kelsey

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