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Equipping The Community

ROWAN conducted an HIV seminar created by CUAHA: Churches United Against HIV and AIDS. Staff member David Wafula and two other trainers facilitated the 60 community leaders from the region. There was a total of 17 Chapters that were spread across 3 days–from advocacy to compassion, leadership to church involvement and empowerment. According to the statistic, 300 Ugandans are infected by HIV and 170 die of AIDS EVERY DAY. Therefore, it is essential to share and have the knowledge of HIV/AIDS across the country.
It was a unique seminar where villagers talked openly–even the women spoke freely about how to protect oneself against HIV/AIDS and how it can be transmitted. At the end of the seminar, certificates were given out to the participants, but on one condition! Each participant must go out and help one person within their own community living with HIV/AIDS.
ROWAN couldn’t be more proud to have hosted such an enlightening and successful event.

Post Author: Kelsey

Local Intern Invests in ROWAN

A local Ugandan student named Irene offered to spend her internship with ROWAN.  She is finishing her Masters in Bible Counseling and has a heart to serve in rural communities-especially with people living with HIV/AIDS. Within two weeks Irene managed to run seminars on hygiene & sanitation,  and purity & culture for over hundreds of youth and women in the region.
One of the biggest needs ROWAN faced was organizing all 120 members living with HIV into sub-groups.  With the local staff, Irene managed to organize all members into zones with zone leaders. These zones are across 15 villages in the region!
Her achievements included:

  • To equip ROWAN beneficiaries with problem solving skills
  • To group ROWAN beneficiaries into small groups for easy and perfect work
  • To  help them choose a leader for themselves
  • To make God  supreme in our sessions

As Kelsey Young conducted Irene’s exit interview, Irene concluded by saying, “Kelsey, my heart is in Mawanga. I love ROWAN and if I could work there permanently, I would start tomorrow.”
Thank you Irene for making a lasting impact in the community, and thank you ROWAN for leaving a lasting impact within Irene.

Post Author: Kelsey

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