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Clean Water Comes to Mawanga

Earlier this year, Mawanga entered into a season of crisis when the one water source which served 4,000 people suddenly broke down. With much prayer and research, ROWAN responded. Why? Because we knew that to the people who live in Mawanga, water is life, that clean water improves the livelihood of our women, children and community at large, and that we could help.
So, on August 5th, a local crew drove in their heavy machinery and began digging a brand-new well for the village. One week later, water was being carted by the women, children, and men of Mawanga, Uganda. The entire village, not to mention our ROWAN members, were absolutely ecstatic.
We couldn’t be more proud of you, our ROWAN supporters, for giving the gift of life to the village of Mawanga. You have clearly demonstrated that when people, tribes, and nations come together, dreams can come true, and God’s love and faithfulness towards His people can be shown.
Click here to view more photos of the well-digging project.

Post Author: Kelsey

African Child Day Celebration

African Child Day Celebration
Our wonderful ROWAN children had their first, star-studded performance on June 20th, 2010, in their very own village, Mawanga, Uganda, while participating in African Child’s Day, a day set aside to celebrate the priceless value of the African child and create awareness of children’s rights. The function began with an opening prayer by our very own founder, Rev. Paul Nyende, and then moved on to a demonstration march around the village, with the children leading the way, holding up signs and posters advocating their ideas. Pastor Paul then said a few inspiring words to the parents and care-givers who attended the event:
“According to the constitution of Uganda, every child is entitled to right for education, shelter, medical aide, freedom, and feeding.”
In conjunction with our music, drama, and dance program leaders, our ROWAN kids then took the stage and presented a poem entitled–“AIDS, AIDS, AIDS-THE KILLER DISEASE”–which related the impact of HIV/AIDS on the African child.
All in all, we couldn’t be more proud of our ROWAN children for demonstrating to the community their talents and sharing their hearts.
To view more photos of the event, go here.

Post Author: Kelsey

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