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Pastor Paul is coming to America – to meet YOU!

KEEP READING FOR EVEN MORE EXCITING NEWS! Pastor Paul is traveling all the way from Uganda to the United States to meet all of you! As ecstatic as we are to have him here at last, our great news doesn’t stop there— Pastor Paul’s purpose in coming is to help raise
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You, Mt. Kilimanjaro, and a School Bus

This sounds like the beginning of an absurd joke; instead, it’s the genesis of a dream—and you’re invited to join! Activate your imagination for a moment: You are an orphan. You are infected with or affected by AIDS. You are living in rural Uganda. You know that education is the key to a
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#OrangeDay — What's it all about?

The 25th of every month is #orange day — promoting awareness and prevention of violence against women and girls. Action Plan for Orange Day, 25 August 2016: Safe and secure working environments for women and girls     “Break the silence. When you witness violence against women and girls, do
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Celebrate International Youth Day!

  Youth Leading Sustainability is the theme of International Youth Day 2016! This year, ‪#‎YouthDay‬ focuses on the leading role of young people in achieving sustainable development through sustainable consumption and production. Be part of these efforts in achieving the ‪#‎GlobalGoals‬ and celebrate International Youth Day! Learn more here.  
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We See Them to the Finish

Sponsor today!   Sometimes it’s the little things that make the biggest difference. Less than $2 a day adds up over the years and eventually can lead to great success. Don’t underestimate the impact sponsorship can have on shaping young lives and empowering our students to succeed.     Mariam

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