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The Meaning of Your Message

So, you’ve seen us encouraging our sponsors to write to their sponsees through our online messaging portal. You’re wondering, “Does my message make a difference?” “What’s the big deal?” We’re here to tell you yes. And we’re here to tell you why.
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Little Man, Big Impact

Last week, we had the great privilege of meeting with one of our dedicated donors, Little Man Ice Cream. We used this time to thank them for all that they’ve done and enabled us to do – and most importantly, how they’ve impacted and empowered our orphans and widows.
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Fears We Don't Have To Face: Eddy's Response to Election Violence

How the Kenyan Re-Election Affects Our Student, Eddy Eddy (pictured above on the right) is currently finishing law school in Nairobi. During Kenya’s recent presidential re-election, which was scheduled after the annulled results from the questionable one in August, Eddy shared with us that he was feeling very nervous about the
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The Toddler Who Dreams of Flying a Plane

Meet sweet little Alian Walwigi. He’s only 1,000 days into his adventure on earth, but he’s wasted no time dreaming up some big plans! About Alian: – Alian’s grandmother has taken care of him for his whole life. Despite his age, he lightens his grandmother’s load by helping with chores,
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Celebrate the Women of Uganda!

Last week women around the globe celebrated International Women’s Day! According to, the ten International Women’s Day values are: *Dignity *Hope *Equality *Collaboration *Tenacity *Appreciation *Respect *Empathy *Forgiveness *Justice   The women that we are privileged to work with in Mawanga and surrounding communities embody these qualities. So many

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