Over the last four months, Pastor Paul Nyende has been negotiating with a local farmer to buy his four-acre plot of land. It us located right next to our ROWAN office. The land holds one large house, one small house and 188 healthy coffee trees.
After much prayer and petition, the man brought his price down to a reasonable level. However, the ROWAN board did not have the funds for the land at that time. So they prayed for a miracle and that same week, ROWAN received a check in the mail for the exact amount needed for the land! The land was marked SOLD that very day!
ROWAN is now in the process of deciding how best to utilize the land and all it offers. So far:
-The widows have planted a second pineapple garden on the land with the suckles (seeds) from their first garden.
-Kelsey Young, ROWAN’s co-founder, is setting up plans to sell raw coffee beans in Singapore.
-The main house on the land will become a ROWAN Guest House for anybody to come get involved in the projects. However, the house needs refurbishing before guests can stay comfortably.
If you have any interest in helping in the areas of coffee, agriculture, or improving the Guest House, contact us.

ROWAN Christmas Party 2009

Belated merry Christmas! Hope all went well on your side. I was so much involved in this Christmas party and am happy to give you details. The church was decorated so nicely for the party. We gave out:
The package for the Children to to take home each included the following: (67)
1 pair of bed sheets with pillow cases, Bathing and washing soap, Tooth paste, Tooth brush, Body oil, Balloons, A paper bag
The package for the Widows to take home each included the following. (33)
Kilos of rice, kilos of sugar, and Washing soap
During the party time, we feed both the children and the widows the following
Rice, Meat, Sodas, Ugali (Posho)
We even were able to show Jesus film in Lusoga at the party! It was a good time of sharing together and encouraging these people….Be blessed and Happy New Year!
David Wafula for Pastor Paul”

A Glorious 1st Christmas at the New ROWAN Office

Hello friends, Jambo.
Please I request you not to get tired of my thanking you, there is no way I can avoid thanking you for your commitment towards ROWAN Ministry. Your words have become keys to people’s hearts. The economy is going down but people are ready to give from the little they have. You can imagine!!!! May God Bless you all. Please enjoy the photos of our ROWAN Christmas party At our office. Again thank you so much for your support.
From your brother, Pastor Paul.

Typhoid Outbreak

Hi friends and prayer partners for ROWAN,
Just got an email Yesterday from the local pastor that typhoid has broken out in the community, and even his 6 children are affected. The major borehole is now down, and the villagers are drinking from ponds where their animals drink. I have been on my knees all night- and we are praying about how we can quickly Act on this.
For now, the clinic doesn’t have any medicine to treat the Typhoid, so we are sending over funds to fill the gap. I would suggest that any giving you can do today can go towards this.
Pray with us,

Crocs Donation

Headquarters in Singapore generously donated 100 pair of refurbished shoes to give to every ROWAN Member. Sherlee and Kelsey traveled with bags of shoes on their back, but thankfully Crocs are fairly light!
Most of our women and children had never had a close-toed shoe before in their life! It was a joy to see them hold their shoes so tightly. The beautiful thing about Crocs is that they don’t need to purchase socks! One local man was donated a pair of Crocs 4 years ago, and he still wears them every day.
A special thanks to Crocs and for partnering with us to make a substantial difference in the rural communities. Crocs has offered to be available for future trips for ROWAN and any other organization in need for shoes.

The Harvest is Plenty

Have you ever been so proud of something that you couldn’t WAIT to show it to off? Well, as Sherlee and I arrived on the scene of Mawanga, Uganda on August 19, Pastor Paul hurried us to the garden where ROWAN widows were picking their first harvest of pineapples. And these weren’t just any pineapples. These sweet fruits became the foundation of discipline and unity between ROWAN members.
Since 2007, these men and women have been labouring for the fruits we saw before us. Who knew pineapples took 2 years to grow? Every other day the widows and caretakers would trek from their homes to till the garden. Our trusty volunteers John and Christopher would take attendance of each woman who would turn up and joke with those who came late! Talk about accountability.
Sherlee and I danced with laughter between the rows and rows of ripe fruit. The smiles of these victim warriors, although currently suffering from HIV/AIDS, drought, malaria and the difficulties that life brings, will forever be etched in my mind. Our joy had little to do with the actual pineapples harvested that day, although it brought in income for their immediate needs. But it had everything to do with building community and hope. These women are empowered. They have each other. They love the Lord.
This is just the beginning.
What does ROWAN do, you ask? ROWAN is in the hope business.