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Ivan’s Wedding!

“I’m so excited and I just can’t hide it.” – The Pointer Sisters (2008) Fewer lyrics could better describe Ivan Kirunze, ROWAN’s faithful literacy teacher, and his radiant bride on their Big Day. In Ugandan culture, men do not typically smile during their weddings, but clearly, nothing could wipe the smile from
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Five Decades for WAFU!

His friends and family call him Wafu and he just turned 50 years old (young)! David Wafula has been with ROWAN since the beginning. He is a full-time staff member and board member.  Here are his thoughts on turning 50: “I can’t believe I am making 50 years of age…
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Uganda’s National Bird – Crowned Crane

As ROWAN is in Uganda, we thought it would be fun to share more about the country with our readers. This is a beautiful country with diverse animal & plant life, plus many other mysteries to unravel.
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Holiday Program Underway!

Home from school for the holiday recess, our children convene at the Hall of Hope for the Holiday Program, where they build community across all class years. Older students, such as Jonathan Wagaba, a current medical student, and Ronald Dyole, an aspiring teacher, take the opportunity to mentor secondary school
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Who’s the new girl?

Soon, new posts will be rolling your way, written by a name that you may not recognize. That’s me! Chanel Varney – and I’d love to give a proper introduction to you, my cherished ROWAN friends.  I originally hail from Southern California, but for the past three and a half

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