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Resolve to Make a Difference through Sponsorship in 2016!

Sponsor today!   Happy New Year to you and yours from all of us at ROWAN! For many people this is a time of reflection over the past year and resolution to make changes and improvements in one’s life over the course of the coming year. Personally, I have a

More pictures from our annual ROWAN Christmas party!

HOPE DOESN’T DISAPPOINT As we reflect on the Christmas season, I wonder if you have an especially memorable gift that comes to mind when you think back on your life. Perhaps it was unexpected or came from someone whom you love dearly. Now imagine receiving a gift for the very
Culver Christian Church

Culver Christian Church Donation Link

Donate to Culver Christian Church Summer team! This church team will go for three weeks to help with kids programs, widow and caregiver training and much more! Support the members below!

So here's the down low on Antlers for Orphans

What is the deal with Antlers? Many of you may have received our antler pendant in your Buddhibox Subscription! And just so you know, this box went out to 2,000 people who will hear about us for the first time! So if this is your first time to our site,
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Your goat has arrived in Mawanga!

Greetings in the Lord from brothers and sisters across the ocean! I have the great privilege of sharing the stories of these precious people and how God is working in and through lives in Uganda. Today I want to share our most recent victory and how provision is made for

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