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August 15th, 2017

Too Much Cuteness from Our Prenatal Clinic!

Celebrate with us! This precious boy is the first baby to be born in ROWAN’s prenatal clinic.

Amuge Hadija is a brand new mama, and babies don’t come much newer than this beautiful baby boy of hers.

He may be the first one to be born here, but it doesn’t look like he’ll be the lastwe are expected to have about 30 pregnant mamas coming to our clinic in the near future!

In order to ensure that these women receive proper care, ROWAN is actively pursuing a grant for prenatal vitamins. Unfortunately, the government and other organizations in the ROWAN area do not supply prenatals. Therefore, we are advocating for our women and finding a way to get these vitamins to them. Without the vital nutrients found in prenatal vitamins, it can be more challenging to prevent or combat problems that may arise with a pregnancy.

ROWAN loves to empower and equip Ugandan mothers as they bravely embark on the adventure of motherhood!

Do you share our heart for these women and babies? Join us! We seek to provide high quality medical care to the people of Uganda, beginning with the widows, orphans, and women just like Amuge Hadija, who is learning quickly and working hard to be there in every way for her new son.

We need you on our team!

August 9th, 2017

Pastor Paul is coming to America – to meet YOU!


Pastor Paul is traveling all the way from Uganda to the United States to meet all of you!

As ecstatic as we are to have him here at last, our great news doesn’t stop there—

Pastor Paul’s purpose in coming is to help raise funds for … (drum-roll please)

the first actual ROWAN building: the Hall of Hope! Most organizations build big structures and hope people show up. Instead, we’ve served thousands of people under the trees for 10 years, and it’s finally time to build a building!


Our fundraising efforts and Pastor Paul’s visit are about so much more than just a building, though. The way we serve Ugandan orphans and widows is through our programs, and ALL of our programs will be housed there— savings groups and business courses, Saturday kids’ programs, tutoring and counseling, HIV training, sewing and jewelry-making classes, and every other meeting or event imaginable will all take place in this building:



This will allow us to be even more inclusive and hospitable to those in the surrounding community, and it will also make our programs and service more effective! THANK YOU for partnering with us as we take this next step!


Colorado friends—want to meet Pastor Paul, learn more about the Hall of Hope, AND get some free ice cream?! Come hang out with us! We’ll be at Little Man Ice Cream on September 9th from 7 – 9 pm. We’d love to have you join us! Just email by August 31st with your number of guests!


Not in Colorado but still eager to spend some time with Pastor Paul and hang out with the ROWAN team? CLICK HERE to access our calendar and schedule of events that outline Pastor Paul’s time here!
August 6th, 2017

Friendship Day: Celebrating the Smiles

Today, people all across the world are celebrating the significance of friendship!

Instead of just talking about it, we want you to see for yourself! We hope you enjoy these snapshots of the deep joy, resilience, and hope found in friendship and in the fabric of fellowship in Uganda.



Thank you for taking a moment to rejoice with us over these friendships. We challenge you to tell a few of your friends how they’ve changed your life today!

Friendship is a centerpiece of ROWAN’s work. We love to connect with Ugandans who suffer with or who have been affected by HIV/AIDS and help them in any way possible. In doing so, we’ve had the joy of building many sweet friendships with the people we help. Our hearts are with them today! To learn more about ROWAN’s presence in Uganda, click here!

We also love to befriend our sponsors and hear stories of how our sponsors become friends with those they choose to help. If you have a story you’d like to share with ROWAN, please comment below or reach out to Kelsey at We’d love to feature your story!


July 30th, 2017

Calling Locals and Tourists Alike: Don’t Miss the Jinja Central Market!

What kind of market is it, you ask? Well, the “everything” sort—the thousands of vendors at the three-story, four-acre Jinja Central Market meet a vast array of the needs and desires of locals and tourists alike. In a single walk-through, a shopper can purchase anything from fruits and vegetables to clothes, shoes, and furniture; they can acquire electronics, household appliances, arts and crafts, and many souvenirs. On top of all of this, the variety of products and energy of the atmosphere guarantee an unforgettable cultural and social experience.

The Jinja Central Market has served as a primary location for business, socializing, and tourism since 1932, but the local government recently recognized and responded to the need for updates and expansion in order to enable greater economic prosperity for the Ugandan people. Thus, in 2014, they undertook a $11-13 million dollar project, rebuilding the Jinja Central Market from the ground up.

Their purpose? According to the report published by Uganda’s official Office of the Auditor General, their aim was documented as follows: “Jinja Central Market was built to serve as a regional market for the districts of Buyikwe, Mukono, Kayunga, Iganga, Kamuli, Buyende, Pallisa, Kibuku, Budaka and Mbale districts. Following its completion and hand over, the market is now fully operational with registered vendors of over four thousand. The project objective [was] to provide additional working space, improve working conditions, [create] social amenities, [and establish] better trading opportunities for vendors.”

If you are interested in seeing the market for yourself but cannot travel there at this time, you may find a virtual visit via this video intriguing! Just follow this link!

July 25th, 2017

Finding Faces Beneath the Facts and Figures

Although we would love for all of our readers, sponsors, donors, and partners to visit the people and villages they help from afar, we acknowledge that there may be many practical obstacles and challenges in getting you there. So, we figured we’d use some facts and figures to bring Uganda to YOU!

Our purpose in providing a statistics-based framework of the demographic climate in Uganda is neither to overwhelm you with information nor to overload you with useless facts. Rather, we hope that this will enhance your understanding and expand your empathy for the marginalized people of Uganda; ultimately, our prayer is that this combination of knowledge and compassion translates into some sort of action on behalf of the faces beneath the numbers!

While examining information published by the CIA World Factbook, we stumbled upon some compelling demographic differences. Here is a table depicting some of those differences:


Rather than interpreting these numbers for you, we want to challenge you to reflect on these figures. Form your own opinions; let your compassion and curiosity guide your own research. Ingest information. Ponder well. Perhaps, when you reach the bottom of all of the charts, numbers, graphs, and percentages, you may even pack up and go searching for the people that live the stories those numbers tell. Until then, know that we are thankful for you—for your refusal to distance yourself, disengage, or dismiss the people who rely on your help… the ones whom you provide with hope.

Learn more about how you can join ROWAN in making a dent in some heartbreaking stats:


All incorporated statistics are from The CIA World Factbook. For more descriptions and statistics that numerically depict the reality of life in Uganda, follow this link. As always, we invite you to partner with us on behalf of Ugandans living with or impacted by AIDS however you can!