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October 4th, 2017

Funding for Phase One is DONE!

Break out the party hats—we have an exciting update!

Co-founders Kelsey and Pastor Paul have enjoyed 30 beautiful, busy days together in America, but it’s time for Pastor Paul to head back to Uganda with some incredible news:

By God’s grace and your generosity, Phase One of the Hall of Hope is


Phase 1 focuses on building a proper foundation, which includes the 7,750 square-foot cement slab for the building. This aspect is absolutely essential in order to get the best, safest, and longest-term use out of the community center!

This means we are one phase closer to having a place to call our own, where we will host all weekly activities and provide office space for our 20 local staff. Your contributions will enable even more programming, which will include classes and sessions on literacy, business and savings, HIV training, kids’ programs, counseling, and worship and holiday programs, just to name a handful!

Together, with your help and local partnership, this project will take place in four phases. We are overflowing with thankfulness to know that funding for Phase One is DONE!

Stay tuned for more updates on upcoming phases and invitations! 

September 26th, 2017

“We Have Started a Movement”

“We have started a movement:

A movement with all of you people, who have different skills and ideas—all to improve the lives of widows and orphans affected by HIV and AIDS,

so that they may be powerful agents of change in their communities.”

— Pastor Paul


Traveling from the east coast to the west with several stops between, Pastor Paul made the trip to America to share about our biggest need: a building. After serving faithfully under the trees for over a decade, we’ve finally agreed that it is TIME to build a community center!

For those of you who were able to join us for a night of free ice cream and loads of laughter at Little Man Ice Cream, GUESS WHAT? $14,545 came in toward Phase 1: the Foundation! Since that night, our donations have been climbing… We have officially raised $17,145!

That means we only need about $33,000 to finish Phase 1. Despite the temptation to call this number daunting or disheartening, we are determined to do everything we can to get it done…but we can’t do it without you!

To learn more about what the Hall of Hope is all about, take 4 minutes and check out our latest video, filmed by the incredible Kairos Media!

Please prayerfully consider helping us finish Phase 1 of the Hall by September 30—we need you on our team!

To learn more details and to donate, CLICK HERE! 

September 4th, 2017

DEADLINE EXTENDED – are you big-hearted & adventure-hungry?

If you clutch courage tightly in one hand and compassion in the other, we want you on our team!

***The original deadline for this trip was August 31st, but we wondered if we missed a few
compassionate trailblazers. If that’s you, we don’t want you to miss out on the opportunity of a lifetime!
So we decided to extend our deadline through the end of September. ***

At ROWAN, we’re all about finding creative ways to bring hope to the helpless.
This time, we’re coming at it from a new angle. A very steep angle. Like tallest-mountain-in-Africa steep…
We will be conquering Mt. Kilimanjaro and spending some time in a ROWAN village! During this trip, you’ll get to see exactly how your generosity, prayers, and participation impact real people every single day.
A few fun facts if you’re still on the fence:
 This trek up Kilimanjaro will feature a great variety in scenery, as you will hike through FIVE
completely different climates!
 By the end, you will have conquered the most accessible high altitude challenge available.
 From the top, you will watch an unfathomably beautiful sunrise and enjoy a clear view of the Earth’s

Ready to apply?! CLICK HERE! When you’re finished, send your completed application to

For some fun facts about Kilimanjaro, follow this link.

To learn more about the company we’re going with, click here.

And finally: the last link! The one below will take you to the main page so that you can explore the details of the trip 🙂


Good Summits


If you can’t come, can you think of anyone else who might be interested? Please share this with them!

August 22nd, 2017

The Toddler Who Dreams of Flying a Plane

Meet sweet little Alian Walwigi. He’s only 1,000 days into his adventure on earth, but he’s wasted no time dreaming up some big plans!

About Alian:

– Alian’s grandmother has taken care of him for his whole life. Despite his age, he lightens his grandmother’s load by helping with chores, whether that involves fetching water from the well, collecting firewood, or sweeping the kitchen.
– His favorite color is green.
– Alian loves goats because they chew grass while shaking their ears.

– Some of his favorite foods include fish and an African dish called matooke, which you can learn more about here!

Alian hopes that someday he will become a pilot! He has always loved to watch planes fly through the sky, and whenever he sees them, he dreams that someday he might be flying up there, too.

Alian’s birthday is just around the corner: October 24th! He’ll be turning three this year. What birthday present could be better than to enable and empower him to pursue his precious dream?!

If you want to be part of helping Alian’s dream become reality,

explore the possibility of sponsoring him!

ROWAN prioritizes meeting the basic human needs of the orphans and widows in Uganda who have been impacted by AIDS, but we don’t stop there.

We support our orphans and widows until they are able to sustain themselves WITH NO CUT-OFF AGE! Furthermore, we walk with them as they pursue self-sustenance, providing everything from healthy, consistent meals and education/literacy classes to medical care and entrepreneurship training.

To learn more about what sponsoring an orphan or widow might look like, follow this link!

August 18th, 2017

A Sweet Tooth and a Soft Heart: Sponsor Spotlight

psssst—if you’re a sucker for free desserts and changing the world, keep reading!

What do cupcakes and ice cream have to do with helping orphans and widows in Uganda?


The Dessert Stand

What’s better than art that’s made out of sugar and used to help others? Yeah, we couldn’t think of anything either, until we started talking about the fact that they don’t just have a bakery—get this: they also have a mobile dessert food truck.

And the sweet facts don’t stop piling up there! The Dessert Stand supports ROWAN monthly and is generously donating 100 cupcakes for the upcoming event with Pastor Paul on September 9th.

It seems that the only thing more beautiful than the cupcakes and desserts they create is the fact that they do this all with generous hearts and seek out ways to improve the lives of others. That’s one of many reasons we are proud to call them our partners! If you have a chance, go check ’em out. Eat some sugar art (sugart?) and help change the world!

Little Man Ice Cream

Have you ever walked past a 28-foot tall milk can in Denver’s Highlands? The one where people arrive in droves and depart with satisfied smiles and mouthwatering ice cream in hand? That’s another one of our business partners!

Little Man “was built on a belief: a belief that business exists to make a difference. Since the day we opened for business, we have made giving back a part of who we are.”

Here’s how they have faithfully supported our orphans and widows:

“Since most of ROWANS adult beneficiaries are HIV+ themselves, it is critical that they receive proper nutrition to supplement their medication. Since 2014, [we have] supported a Saturday food program at their community center aimed at increasing their health and well-being. [It] includes two meals on Saturdays for 130 children at the center, as well as the provision of bags of food for 100 families to take home for the rest of the week.”

fellow sugar addicts, here comes the part where we let you in on Part Two of free dessert!

On top of all of their past and current contributions, Little Man has agreed to — drumroll, please! — let us use their space for free for the event with Pastor Paul as well as give us FREE ICE CREAM!

We invite you to join us as we support these incredible businesses that are full of selfless, passionate people. They inspire us, as they have proved time and time again that you can turn almost ANYTHING — any passion, time, resource, or talent — into an avenue for helping others.

Thank you to The Dessert Stand and Little Man Ice Cream for dreaming big with us and for never settling for dreams that stay as just dreams.



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