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December 25th, 2016

What Christmas Looks Like in Mawanga

Christmas is a season centered around the person of Jesus Christ; how He came to earth as a baby and was the greatest gift to mankind. Many people around the world celebrate by giving gifts to each other and spending time together rejoicing that the Christ child was born in a manger many years ago.

And Mawanga is no exception — just a few days ago the people of ROWAN gathered for the annual Christmas party. Look at their faces…Joy. Wonder. Amazement. Never have they received a gift like this one.

People gathered from Mawanga and surrounding villages like they do each year, but they had no idea what was in store for them. Up until the truck carrying all these gifts arrived, our villagers had no idea they would be going home with their very own mattresses.
Just look at the mountain of mattresses we created for this celebration!

Because of God’s goodness and provision and the generosity of so many of YOU we were able to distribute 370 mattresses, blankets and mosquito nets this year!

This is the first mattress the majority of these people have ever owned. And it truly is a life-saving gift; as the mattress will keep them off the ground, the blanket will keep them warm, and the mosquito net will help protect against malaria. I forgot how much you can fit on a boda boda — but as illustrated here, where there’s a will there’s a way.
So to everyone who was involved in this mattress giveaway, whether it be by prayer or financial support — THANK YOU! To God be all the glory for what He has accomplished.

October 6th, 2016

For the love of goats

Donate Toward Goat Project
We just received a large donation in honor of a little boy who loved goats, and have put those funds to good use. We have 50 more goats in the villages! Now 300 members and their families have been impacted by these unassuming farm animals. Besides being adorable to look at and funny to watch, these goats have made a big difference for the beneficiaries of ROWAN. We have testimony after testimony from individuals who have a better future because of the goat they received.
Many of you remember, the first round of goats was delivered at the ROWAN Christmas party. Now those goats are reproducing and we have baby goats too! Those who received a goat as a gift were so overwhelmed with thankfulness and pledged to continue the trend of giving. So, what started out as 250 individuals receiving goats, has now grown to impact many more in a matter of months!
Donate Toward Goat Project

July 12th, 2016

Testimonies from the Team

Today we have a guest post from one of the members of our team that went to Mawanga in June. Here is what Christine has to say about how the trip impacted her life, and photo credits go to Hannah, another team member from Cornell University.
june team2016
“For two weeks in June myself and three students from Harvard and Cornell were given the privilege to visit Mawanga…and the ministry of ROWAN. There was so much God taught our team, some new things and some were much needed reminders!
Here are a few:

1) God is good — all the time. He is always worthy of our thanks and praise. If people living with HIV/AIDS, in poverty, orphaned and widowed can say that God is good, then so can I.
2) God is the sustainer through hope and provision. As human beings we can’t live without hope and we can’t live without provision; God gives both.
3) Hope, joy and love are not circumstantial but Spirit-given. I was also struck by the mission statement just outside ROWAN’s base, and how they are walking out that mission every single day, and our team was able to experience that in real life.

working together

ROWAN is fulfilling the vision and mission God gave them, they’re transforming lives every day, every week, every month and every year through the resources they have, through empowerment — and faith in God is multiplying.

Pastor Paul told our team that you cannot find Mawanga on the map of the world, it is too small, too remote and rural, but on the map of Jesus Christ it is there. It is there, and it is shining bright with the love of Jesus. I’m so thankful God brought our team to the gem of Mawanga and to ROWAN; the people we met will continue teaching me even after leaving Uganda.”
~Christine Shin
Ministry Fellow at Harvard
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July 7th, 2016

Rejoicing in God’s Provision

Give towards urgent needs!
Not too long ago, we had a flash fundraiser to raise money to help buy food for those suffering from famine in Uganda. Many rose to the occasion and gave generously, including Little Man Ice Cream and their scoop for scoop program. Due to unpredictable weather patterns, many crops were destroyed and there has been a shortage of food for many of our people.
Just this past weekend, ROWAN was able to take those funds that were raised and purchase food for those in need.

200 families were impacted by your giving spirit and they are overjoyed that they can now feed themselves and their children.

Provisions were distributed the beginning of this week by Pastor Paul and the ROWAN staff. The villagers gathered together to rejoice and give thanks that these crucial needs are being met. And anyone who knows ROWAN and what our core values are, knows that this was an opportunity to share the love of Jesus and bring hope to so many who are searching for answers.
Kelsey spoke to some of those families who were in attendance and they told her, “there is no word in the English language to express our thanks.” We couldn’t have done it without you and deeply value the partnership of our donors.



We also are taking steps to prevent tragedies such as these in the future. Robert, one of our recent graduates applied and was accepted into Farming God’s Way training in Kampala. He will learn all he can to come back and train our communities in strategic farming. Please pray as he will have to catch up on the portion of training that he has missed, and he will be attending these classes until December. Once again, we thank God for using YOU to help us sponsor him and pay for his training. We are excited to see the ripple effect that this will create in Mawanga and surrounding communities.

Yesterday we had a lady who came when she was sick and hungry almost dying. I had to give her a cup of porridge. — Pastor Paul

I was just speaking with Pastor Paul and rejoicing and giving thanks along with those in Mawanga who benefitted from receiving these supplies. I mentioned that I was so happy that ROWAN help bring food to those in need, but I knew there were many more who are hurting and hungry. Pastor Paul replied by saying that there were many still suffering and they were having an overnight prayer service at the church. This reminded me of the importance of bringing our needs before the throne of God and the power of prayer. So keep praying that God will deliver these precious people from this famine, and if you feel led to help — give towards our urgent needs.
Give towards urgent needs!

December 22nd, 2015

Your goat has arrived in Mawanga!

IMG_3341 1

Greetings in the Lord from brothers and sisters across the ocean! I have the great privilege of sharing the stories of these precious people and how God is working in and through lives in Uganda. Today I want to share our most recent victory and how provision is made for His people. This post will be filled with pictures in order to somehow convey the great joy felt and expressed by so many this past weekend.

IMG_3318 1

We are rejoicing around the world at all God has done for ROWAN this Christmas season!

Praise be to God, we were able to raise more than $12,000 and give a total of 230 goats to families infected or affected by HIV/AIDS this Christmas!

We are so grateful and excited about the impact these goats will have in the lives of the people in rural Eastern Uganda.

unloading the goats

unloading the goats

Saturday, December 19th was the annual Christmas party in Mawanga for ROWAN and all members of its special groups. And it was an incredible time of dancing, singing, gathering together and rejoicing in the name of Jesus.

Pastor Paul Nyende, founder of ROWAN, dreamed of this day and believed that God could accomplish the task of raising enough support to purchase a goat for every orphan and every widow in our programs. And I am pleased to report that not only were we able to give each member of ROWAN a goat, we also blessed the staff and board members with a goat of their own as well.

IMG_3127 1

There were over 1,000 attendees at this celebration, and there was enough food for everyone – a miracle considering the damage to crops in recent months. One of the honored guests attending was the Speaker of Parliament of the Republic of Uganda, along with 30 security guards. She was amazed at all that ROWAN is doing and wants to bring ROWAN to her village! This campaign has attracted national attention and ROWAN is gaining an opportunity to share their mission and vision with many across the country.
IMG_3417 1

Perhaps the most exciting aspect of this celebration is the potential to multiply the effect. Each individual that received a goat pledged to bring a baby goat next year to bless another family with the gift of sustainability.

That means by this time next year, 230 goats could become 460 and the following year the number could be as great as 920! That is nearly one thousand families that will gain a way to provide an income and support and feed themselves. If this trend continues it could impact Eastern Uganda in a huge way and the name of God will be glorified through it all.
IMG_3387 1
On the behalf of our staff, board members and widows and orphans of ROWAN, I want to extend an extra special thank you to each person involved in bringing this dream to life. What might seem like a small sacrifice to some has now changed the life of another by bringing hope and joy to the villagers in Mawanga and surrounding communities.
IMG_3037 1

Pastor Paul, the Founder and vision bearer of ROWAN said, “What once was a riddle in our minds has become reality.”

IMG_3372 1