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August 11th, 2016

Celebrate International Youth Day!

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Youth Leading Sustainability is the theme of International Youth Day 2016!

This year, ‪#‎YouthDay‬ focuses on the leading role of young people in achieving sustainable development through sustainable consumption and production. Be part of these efforts in achieving the ‪#‎GlobalGoals‬ and celebrate International Youth Day!
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“Young people are not only our future — they are our present. Our planet has never been so young, with 1.8 billion young women and men. They are the most connected, the most outspoken and the most open-minded generation the world has ever seen. They are powerful agents of positive change, essential to taking forward the 2030 Agenda for Sustainable Development. It is not enough to hope for a better tomorrow — we must act now. Change is underway, and millions of citizens are already transforming the way we produce, consume, behave and communicate…
Optimism and confidence do not mean we minimize the challenges ahead. Most young people live today in least developed countries, and shoulder the heaviest burden of conflicts and poverty. There can be no sustainable development if they remain on the side-lines, and I call upon all Member States and UNESCO partners to support their initiatives, to give them voice, to let them grow, to shape together the future of dignity that we are building today.”
~Message from Irina Bokova, Director-General of UNESCO
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International Youth Day is on 12 August! Events to celebrate ‪#‎YouthDay‬ will take place all over the world and will recognize the importance of youth efforts, collaboration and participation in the implementation of the 2030 Sustainable Development Agenda. (

ROWAN has always been focused on sustainability and educating and empowering individuals to support themselves and their families. We are in process of working to maintain staff salaries in a sustainable way and working towards goals to help our villagers provide for themselves. Currently, we even have one of our young people participating in training to teach sustainability in farming crops…which he will then share with the community. Educating our youth is a big part of this initiative — and how we equip them to be change agents in their country!
sustainable development goals
Won’t you pray with us and partner together in this mission to raise our youth to be leaders in sustainability? There are ways each and every person can get involved in promoting sustainability through consumption and production. Whether you are on your couch at home, or desire to change your community and the world through networking in your neighborhood, this has some great ideas to implement into your daily life!
So whatever avenue you choose, let’s celebrate International Youth Day together!

One more thing: share with us about a young person in your life who inspires you by commenting below.

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August 2nd, 2016

They are Precious in His Sight

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“Jesus loves the little children — ALL the children of the world.”

Sometimes this ministry of helping orphans can seem overwhelming. So many have lost one or both of their parents to disease or poverty. My heart aches for those who are hurting — specifically those who are orphaned and suffering from the life circumstances that have been dealt to them. Oh, that I could hold them close and whisper to them how much they are loved. Oh, that I could somehow end the injustices towards these poor little ones!
But I know we serve a great God, a loving Father. And He sees these children and knows their hearts.

He holds them in the palm of His hand and He has a divine plan for each and every one of them.

Will you pray about being part of that plan? We have so many who are waiting for a sponsor…could it be YOU?

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Pure and undefiled religion before God and the Father is this: to visit orphans and widows in their trouble, and to keep oneself unspotted from the world.
~James 1:27~

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July 14th, 2016

Current Events: Conflict in South Sudan

The world’s youngest nation — South Sudan, formed a mere 5 years ago, is on the edge of civil war once again.

south sudan soldiers photo credit
South Sudan declared its independence from Sudan and formed a republic in 2011. Tensions between warring tribes have been mounting and fighting broke out in Juba, the capital city, less than a week ago. The Dinka tribe is represented by president Salva Kir and the Nuer tribe by vice-president Riek Machar. Ever since the president accused his vice-president of staging a coup back in December 2013, relations between the two have been shaky.

In most parts of the world, Independence Day is something to celebrate. It’s a day to remember past sacrifice and to celebrate the victory of a battle hard fought. And yet, last week’s Independence Day in South Sudan was a different story.

July 9—a date that has been celebrated in South Sudan since the country gained independence in 2011—was greeted this year with heightened vigilance, rumors of violence, and little sense of victory. Fireworks did not end in awe-inspiring bursts of color and grace, and families were not underfoot admiring the spectacular display. The color in the South Sudanese sky that night was brought instead by tracer ammunition and accompanied by the reverberating staccato of heavy weaponry.

While members of both military parties clash, the civilians are the ones caught in the crossfire. Both armies have committed crimes against humanity and many people are facing serious food shortages, mistreatment and fear for their lives.
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So, what does this mean for Uganda?

Since South Sudan and Uganda share a border, this conflict has the potential to affect Uganda as a nation.
south sudan uganda relations

Uganda’s recently developed economic ties with South Sudan, and its hope for future market integration, add weight to its political engagement. But it is the long-standing security interests and current military intervention that constitute the Ugandan government’s main concern.

None of South Sudan’s neighbours want it to collapse. An ungoverned territory at the mercy of local warlords threatens them all: a trading partner and investment opportunity would disappear, and border instability creates a haven for neighbours’ oppositional forces.

Many Ugandans fled South Sudan in December 2013. Some – mostly small-scale, more mobile traders – have returned. South Sudan’s economic crisis will likely continue to impact the Ugandan economy and threaten the livelihood of many Ugandans. The economic crisis also affects the political and social dimensions of its relations with Uganda. Reduced purchasing power has increased competition among foreign traders.

The UN is holding meetings to determine their next step of involvement, and for now a cease-fire has been declared and troops have retreated. But many lives were lost, thousands have fled the country and there has been a mass evacuation of foreigners already. Please pray for this country and their people…that the fighting will end and they can begin to rebuild their lives and have peace.

January 28th, 2015

How a brief meeting can lead to a lasting impact.


I was living in Singapore preparing to move to Uganda. My friend called me saying, “Kelsey, I have a friend named Raphael who is a professional sport photographer. He is starting a charity in France and you should meet.”

So I did. We met for coffee for about 45 minutes and I shared the vision of ROWAN. He said, “We aren’t ready to move into Africa yet, but once we are I’ll call you.”

3 years after, I get a message from Raphael. “I’m ready to learn more about ROWAN. I’m going to fly there myself and spend some time with the community.”

And he did.

During his stay, he spent a lot of time investing in our older youth, as well as getting to know our fearless volunteer, Juliette. Juliette is HIV+, and struggling to raise her children. After Raphael returned, his charity, SOLIBAD, committed to supporting our high school student scholarships! This was an answer to our prayers.

Then I got a call from Pastor Paul. He shared that Juliette had lost everything: house, land, crops, money, etc. While she was getting HIV treatment, her in laws stole it all. I shared this with Raphael, and he was compelled to help.

Together with Raphael’s board from SOLIBAD, they bought Juliette new land and bricks to build her new home.

We just finished painting SOLIBAD on her home to remember those who invested in her life. Who knew that one coffee meeting can lead to empowering Juliette’s life! She now volunteers full time as a counselor and leader of those living with HIV/AIDS.

A special thank you to SOLIBAD and all those who support SOLIBAD for the tangible hope you give. I wonder what my next coffee meeting will produce! God’s world is truly, small.

Kelsey Hargadine,

November 18th, 2013

A ROWAN Christmas Party – Donate Today!

Yes, Christmas is just around the corner! Here at ROWAN in Mawanga, Uganda, our kids are so excited to celebrate Christmas. Each year ROWAN celebrates by gathering all of our orphans and widows in the center of the village and throwing a big party for them, with food and small gifts–to show them the love they deserve.


IF you would like to help donate to this event, please click here. We are in need of funds to make this Christmas the best yet for our ROWAN family, and it’s your support that makes our Christmas dreams come true!