Our Programs

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Our focus areas for a brighter future.

The ROWAN Programs

Relationships are the driving force behind ROWAN. We believe this is the only way to create a sustainable community which can meet the needs of its people. It is the only way to bring people from helplessness to hope.

ROWAN projects & programs are based on loving each woman & child as they are. Through empowerment, education, training & advocacy, we try to transform their helpless mindset to one of hope.

ROWAN programs operate under the leadership of Pastor Paul Nyende, with help from local ROWAN volunteers. The volunteers facilitate weekly member meetings to identify the issues, needs or concerns facing the orphans & widows. The Uganda ROWAN board members develop innovative strategies to transform local situations from helplessness to hope. The international ROWAN community is available to support these creative efforts.

ROWAN Projects Include

Micro Enterprise
Education & Training
Medical Assistance
Urgent Needs
Savings & loan associations