Pastor Paul Calendar 2017

Friends of ROWAN, you will not regret making time to meet Pastor Paul! He will arrive in America at the end of August and depart at the beginning of October. We would love to see you at one of these events, or you can schedule a meeting during one of the available windows! Contact Kelsey at for more information and to RSVP!

August 31speaking at University of Pennsylvania (PA)
September 1New York City, contact us to meet up! (NY)
September 7Uganda Unite event (Denver, CO)
September 9Little Man Ice Cream Event from 7-9 pm (Denver, CO)
September 11-15Colorado. Contact us for possible meetings here! (CO)
September 17—Speaking at St. Dunsten’s Church (San Diego, CA)
September 17-20meetings in San Diego area. Contact us for possible meeting! (CA)
September 20-23meetings in LA area—contact us for a possible meet-up! (CA)
September 24preaching at Acton Faith Bible Church and BBQ (Acton, CA)
September 25-29meetings in Antelope Valley Area—Contact us! (CA)

We can’t wait to see you!