Sub-Saharan Africa Facts

Sub-Saharan Africa is ravaged by HIV & AIDS more than any other region of the world. An estimated 22.4 million people in the region live with HIV. In 2008, approximately 1.4 million people died from AIDS and 1.9 million people became infected with HIV. Since the beginning of the epidemic, more than 14 million children have lost one or both parents to AIDS.

Three Major Challenges
1. Providing health care, antiretroviral treatment, and support to a growing population of people with HIV-related illnesses.
2. Reducing the annual toll of new HIV infections by enabling individuals to protect themselves and others.
3. Coping with the impact of more than 20 million AIDS deaths, on orphans and other survivors, communities, and national development.

Uganda Facts

Although Uganda was seen as a success story after its HIV/AIDS victim population declined from 13% to 4.1% of the population, the facts still are sobering. Only 42 percent of Ugandans have access to proper sanitation. There are only .92 hospital beds per 1,000 people. On average, a mere. 08 physicians serve 1,000 people. 57.78 percent of the female population lives with HIV. A total of 884,000 children have been orphaned by AIDS. (Uganda is ranked fifth highest out of 80 countries.)

ROWAN’s Response:

ROWAN works closely with the private clinic in Mawanga to improve healthcare in the community, particularly to orphans and widows. ROWAN ensures that all its members receive:

– Routine medical/dental check-ups.
– Access to medical care when an emergency arises.
– Healthcare training and seminars for ROWAN and the larger community.
– Assistance after a death in the family, including providing caregivers for the children & funeral assistance.

Current Status

The government of Uganda does not dispense free antiretroviral medication to private clinics. Those who are HIV positive must travel outside the village to receive the medication. ROWAN nurses care for HIV cases daily, but can do only so much.

In the meantime, donate today & bring antiretroviral medication to our HIV members!