Let’s Make Cents!

ROWAN is joining hands with students across the USA to ‘Make Cents’ towards sufferings that don’t ‘make sense’. Why are there children in the world that are unable to go to school? Why can’t children afford lunch at recess? Why do kids walk around with no shoes on their feet?

Lets Make Cents logo

Let’s do what we can to Make Cents in order for these orphans to go to school!

What Does Your Classroom Need to Do?

Your class has an opportunity to make a tangible contribution to the lives of children across the globe in Uganda, Africa. Your class has 30 days (our suggestion) to raise their financial goal that you set as a group. Together students bring in their change and talk with their friends & family about contributing to the ‘Let’s Make Cents’ piggy bank/ back pack. At the end of the month, you collect the change & write a check for that amount. You can also turn in a class photo to showcase on our website!

How Does the Money Contribute to the Lives of the Orphans Directly?

Currently ROWAN supports 15 High School students & 1 University student with their tuition and living expenses; however, there are over 20 other students who are not going to school & need scholarships. All the funds raised will go into our Scholarship Fund which pays for our high school/ college student’s tuition & board.

What Happens Once We Are Finished with the Campaign?

When the class is finished with the 30 days, they will turn the piggy bank/ back pack to ROWAN with the change or write a check for the amount raised to:

PO Box 1055
Acton, CA 93510.

ROWAN will be in touch with you about returning the back pack to the office in order to use them for future classes. Your class will also be our featured story on the ROWAN website that month! ROWAN challenges you to do this with your class every year!

How Can My Students Get Directly Connected to the Orphans?

The funds raised in your back pack will go directly to the orphans who are in need of education scholarships. When ROWAN receives the donation, they will inform the class of which student(s) they supported & also will have the opportunity to write a letter to that student as a class. In return the students in Uganda will have the chance to write back & even send a photo or video!

Financial Breakdown

Here are financial goals your class can aim towards:
$50 – High School student Tuition and board for 1 trimester (3 quarters = 1 year)
$75 – High School Student Tuition and board for 1 trimester with Uniform/books
$150 – High School Student Tuition and board for 1/2 a year
$200 – High School Student Tuition and board for 1/2 a year with Uniform/books
$300 – High School Student Tuition and board for 1 full year with Uniform/books

Fun suggestions for campaign

– Create a competition between classes for who can raise the most funds, or who can raise the first $100 dollars!
– Have a cupcake party at the end of the 30 days to celebrate their donation!
– Play the ROWAN About Us Video (5 minutes) to the class to show them the village the children live in.
– Call ROWAN and arrange a guest speaker to come share about the children in ROWAN.
– Have an African month at school where you share African history and include this campaign.

It is that simple. Get in touch today to learn more & plan your cents!