Celebrate the Hope Clinic and Maternity Center

This month we celebrate all the work ROWAN is doing in the Hope Clinic and Maternity Center! 

In the course of the Hope Clinic’s continued services, there are a few items we would like to highlight with the use of the clinic. 

  • 1196 patients were treated for various conditions 

  • 1136 children were provided with deworming tablets as a measure aimed at digestive health improvement.

  • New employees were hired as senior staff with the intention of reinforcing service delivery at the medical facility. 

    • Sarah Akello was employed for service as a clinical officer besides being entrusted with the leadership of the medical center. 

    • Jeremiah Nkayimbi was recruited to serve as a radiographer.

  • The new radiographer enabled the revival of ultrasound machine services which have been strategic in boosting medical intervention processes involving some patients. The resumption of scanning operations has enhanced public interest and raised the demand for healthcare services by various patients in Mawanga and the surrounding communities. At least 46 cases have benefited from scanning services since ultra-scan services resumed last November.

Join us as we thank and Praise the Lord for all that has been provided and the service He has entrusted to us. To be a part of this amazing work, give by clicking on the link below.

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