Uganda’s Lifeline – Boda Bodas

You can’t travel to Uganda without noticing boda bodas.  Everywhere you look you will find them.

A busy street scene

The busy streets of Kampala are filled with taxis and boda bodas.

They are motorcycle taxis that will weave their way through traffic to get to their destination in the fastest way possible. They are convenient and efficient, though are more costly that using the taxis in Uganda and can be a little dangerous. Men on motorcycles on the street

Boda bodas waiting on the roadside for customers.

On my first visit to Mawanga, I was told to take the bus from Kampala and get off at Busesa.  Pastor Paul told me to find a boda boda on the side of the highway and tell the driver to take me to him.  I thought it would be a short ride to Mawanga, but it turned out to be over half an hour.  Here I was, sitting on the back of a boda boda, side saddle, carrying my huge backpack and struggling for my life to hold on.  This boda driver weaved along the dirt roads and paths, avoiding potholes and puddles, all the while keeping this mzungu from falling off the back.  I soon came to realize how talented and knowledgeable these boda drivers actually are.  It is actually quite amazing how these boda drivers can maneuver the busy streets and village roads with their loads strapped on. Many times, they aren’t even sitting on the seat while they drive. Their load takes priority! Motorbikes in a ditch

Boda bodas at the washing bay getting all cleaned up.

You Saw What on the Back of a Boda?

In all my visits to Uganda, I have kept a running list of all the things I have seen on the back of a boda. I am sure that some of you could add to my list with things that maybe you have seen.

Here are a few of the things I have seen over the years: seven bundles of matooke, twelve jerry cans, a windshield, a lawn mower, a father with his four children, another boda, two single bed frames, a dead body wrapped in cloth, a couch, a nursing mother, a live goat, a tractor tire, 40 flats of eggs and a kitchen sink. A street scene

A boda with a man holding a boda riding on the back!
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